Klikněte na Instalace ze souboru Zip > SEDUNDNES > repository.sedundnes-x.x.x.zip > Počkejte na oznámení s povoleným doplňkem. Instalace z úložiště > Klikněte na seduNdnes Repo >Jít do Video doplňky > Vybrat Nejsem si jistý > Udeřil

Contribute to LReylist/repository.LReylist_Oficial development by creating an account on GitHub. Instaliraj iz skladišta > Klik seduNdnes Repo >Ići Video dodaci > Odaberi Nisam siguran > Pogoditi Instalirati > Pričekajte obavijest s omogućenim dodatkom. Nije siguran dodatak je instaliran i spreman za upotrebu > Za pristup Not Sure Kodi idite na Add-Ons > Klik Nisam siguran. Spustelėkite Įdiekite iš ZIP failo > SEDUNDNES > saugykla.sedundnes-x.x.x.zip > Palaukite, kol bus įjungtas pranešimas apie priedą. Įdiekite iš saugyklos > Spustelėkite seduNdnes Repo >Eiti į Inštalácia z úložiska > cvaknutie seduNdnes Repo >Ísť do Doplnky videa > vybrať Nie som si istý > hit Inštalácia > Počkajte na upozornenie s povoleným doplnkom. Doplnok Not Sure je nainštalovaný a je pripravený na použitie > Pre prístup k Not Sure Kodi prejdite na Add-ons > cvaknutie Nie som si istý. Select seduNdneS Repo; Select Video add-ons; Select Not Sure; Select Install; Now you can enjoy your just installed add-on! *** NOTICE *** This is a so-called “third party” add-on that is not supported by Kodi team itself. So do not place questions, t

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Sedus est une entreprise européenne de fabrication de mobilier et solutions de rangement pour les bureaux: sièges design et fauteuils de bureau ergonomiques.

Sep 17, 2018 Select Install from Repository > seduNdneS Repository > Video Add-ons > Not Sure > Install. Wait for Add-on enabled notification. When you first 

seduNdneS Repo seduNdneS is an unofficial repository that focuses on a select few areas of content designed to deliver high-quality and reliable streams. You don’t have to worry about bumping into dozens of dead add-ons or broken links, just install the repo, use the add-ons, then start your streams. Google search seduNdneS Repo and you should find it on github probably. Install direct from zip. level 2. whosanhoit. Original Poster 1 point · 2 years ago. Thanks. I tried to give it a Google earlier, but I didn’t know the name of the repo itself. Appreciate the help! Continue this thread level 1-Kr1ss-3 points · 2 years ago. This one (.zip download link) should work. level 1. Winter-22 Install Not Sure on Kodi with this quick, easy, tutorial. Not Sure is all-in-one Kodi addon that features movies, TV shows, live tv, and much more. Install from zip file –repository.sedundnes-x.x.x.zip Wait for Add-on enabled notification.Install from repository –Sedundnes Repo – Video add-ons – Not Sure – Install. Wait for Add-on enabled notification. Not Sure is now installed and ready to use. The Add-on can now be located from HOME screen – Video Add-Ons – Not Sure.